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Label: Recovering Porn Addict Part 1

Episode Summary

Part 1 of this two-part series focuses on Joshua Shea's road to addiction and eventual recovery.

Episode Notes

PORN. ADDICITION. Two words that are often said with so many emotions; shame, judgment, sadness, disapproval, fear.

That's why this episode is so important. Joshua Shea is open and frank about his journey from a kid lit up by the images of a magazine to a man sitting in jail, talking with men who spoke freely of their crimes but had never had an outlet to speak about their own traumas, let alone pornography.

Find out how Joshua went from losing everything to going through recovery, helping porn addicts and betrayal trauma victims, and most recently giving a TED talk about pornography.

Some of the episode may surprise you. Some of the episode may even offend you.

Whether you're curious about the conversation, struggling with your own porn addiction, or feel betrayed by a partner who is addicted to porn, this episode will shine a light on an area of life often shrouded in shame and darkness.

Joshua's books The Addiction Nobody Will Talk About, He's a Porn Addict...Now What? and Porn and the Pandemic are all available on Amazon. You can connect with Joshua on Instagram at and read his blog at


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